Player/Manager/Exec. Nickname(s) Reason for nickname(s)
Chris Archer Big Tree After one particularly rough stretch, Chris Archer spoke to the media after a game and spoke about how trees sometimes need a little weather to grow. After that, Archer took off and grew.
Andrew Friedman World B. Friedman A play on his last name and reference to the former basketball player World B. Free
Sam Fuld Super Sammy Likes to fly through the air to make catches
Jeremy Hellickson Hellboy A play on his last name
Desmond Jennings Flash He is fast (duh), but he also shows flashes of power. And in 2011, when the Rays need somebody to save their universe, Jennings came up and did just that
Matt Joyce Sweet Swingin' Dude has a sweet swing
Evan Longoria Dirtbag Longoria played college baseball at Long Beach St whose mascot for the baseball team is "The Dirtbags". Longoria is also a throwback player that would find a way to get his uniform dirty in a sterile environment
Joe Maddon Papa Joe; JoeMa Due to the nurturing nature of the Rays' skipper. JoeMa is a play on his name
Jeff Niemann The Giraffe; The Big Nyquil Dude has a very long neck; The Big Nyquil relates to his size and performances that can lull you to sleep
David Price King David A reference to the biblical King David who was the favored son despite being the youngest and it was his late appearance and ability to defeat Goliath that led the Israelites over the heavily favored and steroid-ridden Philistines.
Fernando Rodney Honey Badger He is small, but doesn't mind attacking things bigger than he is, just like a Honey Badger. He also has a "donít give a sh*t" personality like the populsr YouTube video on Honey Badgers
Sean Rodriguez Rodzilla; S-Rod A combination of his last name and Ben Zobrist's nickname. Rodriguez is the heir-apparent to Zobrist's role as "Super-Utility" player. While Ben Zobrist's nickname is a reference to a gorilla, Rodriguez' is more in line with Godzilla; S-Rod is an unoriginal nickname given to all players with the last name "Rodriguez."
Luke Scott Wolverine Showed up to his first camp with the Rays with a beard that resembled the Wolverine character in "X-Men"
Ben Zobrist Zorilla; Benny Boo Boo The first was given to him by Joe Maddon; The second is a nickname among friends of the shortstop as discovered on his wife's MySpace page